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Balloon Care Tips

🎈Don’t leave balloons inside a car with engine off or without aircon.

🎈 Avoid placing balloons on hot area and direct sunlight.

🎈Stay balloons away from lights, paint textures, irregular surfaces and even static. 

🎈Don’t place balloons on windy area.

🎈Balloons are not toy. Deflated or burst balloons can be a choking hazard and should never left with children and pets. 

🎈 Never release balloons into the environment. All released balloons can become litter. Remember- Don’t Let Go & Pin It and Bin It.


🎈Be Latex allergy aware.


🎈We understand how funny helium can sound, but it should never be inhaled.

🎈Let's do our part and dispose of our decor properly for our planet and our own safety.


🎈 BALLOONS CAN POP. While we use the highest quality balloons and take every necessary precautions to ensure they last throughout your event, once the balloons leave our door, they are out of our control.


Enjoy your balloons! 🎈💕


We don't claim to know all the safety precautions around balloons or your children. We simply want to give tips from years of experience and some google searches. This was made with love for our customers and not meant to be used as a teaching tools.

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