How do I store my reusable air-filled balloons?
Store them in a large box or container and keep them in a cool and dry place. Avoid any areas under sunlight. When they start to deflate overtime, simply grab a straw and blow air back into them!


How do I properly dispose of my balloons after my event?
Help us protect the environment and wildlife: Do not release balloons into the air, as romantic or beautiful as it may look in the movies. Lost balloons eventually find their way into the ocean, endangering the sea creatures that get stuck in them. Mylar/Foil balloons can also cause damage to power lines - yikes! Remember to secure balloons to a weight heavy enough to anchor the balloon. Throw latex balloons away in the trash and re-use mylar/foil ones over and over again. 


How do I prevent my balloons from popping?
Avoid any direct sunlight and heat if possible. When inflating with helium, make sure to inflate slowly to prevent overfilling. Overfilling the balloons will cause it to pop. Mylar helium balloons must be filled using the correct helium tank valve for mylar balloons. 


How long do balloons last? 
It depends on the size and environment! When kept indoors at room temperature, standard 11" latex balloons last 12-24 hours. Bubble balloon can float up to 24hrs. Jumbo latex balloons and mylar balloons can float for 2-5 days! Balloons kept outdoors will have shorter float times.

WARNING: Balloons are not toys. Children can choke or suffocate on non-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep non-inflated balloons away from children, and discard broken balloons immediately.


PLEASE NOTE: Balloons are fragile. We use the highest quality latex balloon available. If you are concerned please order extra balloons for your event. 


Helium is surprisingly rare -in the last few years, earth is experiencing shortage. 

Due to a world shortage of Helium the prices keeps going up and up. 


If you want to buy a helium-filled balloon for a celebration, then it's likely you'll be paying a bit more for the privilege.




Those offering floating/flying balloons with incredibly low price might be using Hydrogen to fill the balloons. Do a background check before buying these balloons.  Hydrogen is cheaper than helium. Also, hydrogen is highly flammable so that would make it unsafe to play with balloons.

Frequently Asked Questions